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3rd Power - 3rd Power (Products)

A/DA - A/DA (Products)
In the early ’80s, A/DA discontinued its pedals and started producing rack-mountable analog and digital delays. However, Tarnowski, who still works at A/DA, has reissued the A/DA Flanger and Final Phase and is reissuing the Seamoon Funk Machine and Fresh Fuzz under a new division, called Rocket.

A3 Audio - A3 Audio Professional Grade Speakers (Products)
A3 Audio offers a line of professional grade speakers with custom built wood cabinets, specially selected speaker horns, and custom wired cross-over circuitry.

Ableton - Ableton Music Production and Performance Software (Products)
Ableton makes software for creating, producing, and performing music. Our flagship product, Live, has introduced a new approach to making music with computers on stage and in the studio that some call revolutionary. Live has received outstanding feedback from the international press and artists. There are now several hundred thousand Live users worldwide, and the number is growing fast.

Access - Access Synthesizers (Products)
Germany-based Access Music is one of the world's leading developers of professional synthesizers. Their virtual analog synths are powered by fat sounding oscillators, with extremely flexible, analog sounding filters and a stunning range of hi-tech features.

Ace Products - Ace Manufacturing Products Group - Cases, Mobile Storage Bags, Stands (Products)
Ace Manufacturing has over 20 years experience as USA based company with factories in the Far East, offering a cost effective line of products. Check out Ace's Kaces and Bags, Road Pro Series Storage and Cases as well as furniture quality guitar stands.

Acoustic Image - (Products)

Acoustica - (Products)

Adam Professional Audio - Adam Professional Audio (Products)

ADK Microphones - ADK Professional Grade Studio Microphones (Products)
ADK has been specializing in vintage sounding large diaphragm studio microphones for over 30 years. Call it color, call it warmth... ADK replicates the quality timbre of the great Austrian, Danish and German Microphones of the past.

AER - AER Professional Acoustic Amplification (Products)
Since 1992 AER has been providing high quality acoustic amplification products. AER Manufacturing is based out of Germany, and the company provides amplifiers to musicians around the world.

Aerial7 - Aerial7 (Products)
AERIAL7 was founded on the idea that sound can be combined with eye-catching design. Their headphones are influenced by their devotion to DJ culture, art, streetwear, fashion, and action sports.

Aguilar Amplification - (Products)

Ahead - Ahead Drumsticks, Drums, and Accessories (Products)
Since introducing the world’s most advanced drumstick in 1992, Ahead™ has become one of the top drum companies­ offering a wide range of drummer-designed, tested and approved sticks, cases, thrones, practice pads, accessories and more.

Aimm - (Products)

AirTurn - AirTurn (Products)
AirTurn, Inc. creates and markets technologies to enhance the study, practice and performance of music.

Akai Professional - Akai MIDI Workstations, Sequencer and Samplers (Products)
Akai offers MPC series MIDI sampling workstations with velocity and touch-sensitive pads. Guitar effects, samplers.

AKG Acoustics - AKG Acoustics - Microphones, Headphones and Wireless Systems (Products)
AKG has been innovating audio technology since 1947, with over 1500 patents for breakthrough innovations. AKG produces a wide variety of high grade microphones, headphones, wireless systems, and accessories.

Alairex - Alex Aguilar (Products)

Alesis - Alesis Musical Instruments and Music Equipment - PA Systems, Effects, Mixers, Digital Recorders (Products)
Alesis is a leading manufacturer of musical instruments and professional audio equipment, including PA systems, effects, digital recording workstations, mixers, keyboard synthesizers, and more!

Altec Lansing - (Products)

AMG - (Products)

Ampeg - (Products)
Ampeg has been producing high quality bass amplifiers since 1969.

AmpliVox - AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems (Products)
AmpliVox Sound Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of portable sound systems, lecterns, and multimedia workstations in the United States. They provide top quality professional presentation equipment that sets up easily, delivers perfect performance, and stands the test of time for reliability and durability.

AMT Electronics - (Products)

Amzel Electronics - Amzel Electronics (Products)
Specializing in unique effects pedals and electronics.

Analog Alien - Analog Alien (Products)
Where there is more than one way to find the perfect guitar sound!

Antonio Hermosa Guitars - Antonio Hermosa (Products)
Based on traditional 19th century designs, the Antonio Hermosa guitar collection brings premium features and warm, balanced tone to players of all levels.

Aphex - Aphex (Products)
Innovation and performance are the key directives at Aphex today. Every product, program and support effort has a singular goal: to provide the best performance and customer satisfaction.

Apogee Electronics - Apogee Digital Audio Hardware Systems (Products)
Apogee Electronics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of digital audio hardware systems and related accessories for audio professionals around the world.

Apple Computer - Apple Computer Professional Audio Workstations and Pro Audio Products (Products)
The history of Apple reads like the history of the personal computer. Apple first debuted the Apple I computer in 1976 and Apple has been at the forefront of PC innovation and user-friendly interfaces ever since. Apple has a wide range of Pro Audio equipment for recording.

Aria - Aria (Products)
Aria started off by making excellent classical guitars. Today, Aria's line has expanded to electrics and basses and is some of the more classy looking and sounding guitars out there.

ArKaos - ArKaos video MIDI software (Products)
ArKaos offers unique software that integrates video and MIDI into a seamless performance. Interactive visual technology for VJ and performance.

Armstrong - (Products)

Arobas Music - (Products)

ART - ART Professional Audio Solutions - Microphone Preamps, Graphic Equalizers, Power Amps, Studio Microphones and More! (Products)
ART has been creating professional audio solutions since 1984, and are delivering more great products now than ever. ART offers a large array of cost effective but high quality audio products.

Artley - (Products)

Arturia - (Products)

Ashdown Engineering - (Products)

ASK Video - ASK Video Interactive Media (Products)
Leading the way in tutorial DVDs.

Astro Drums - Astro Drums (Products)
Distributed in North America by Taye Drums.

Atlas Sound - Atlas Sound (Products)
Atlas Sound manufactures communications products for the commercial, broadcast, industrial, institutional, security, custom installation (home), and music markets.

Atomic Amplifiers - Atomic Amplifiers - Tube Amps Designed for Digital Modeling Effects Units. (Products)
Atomic Amplifiers was founded on a simple mission: to combine the best advances in digital sound technology with the sonic authenticity and warmth of tube technology. The result - The Atomic Reactor 112 Tube Amplifier!

Audiffex - (Products)

Audio Ease - Audio Ease (Products)
Based in The Netherlands, Audio Ease is a company that strives to make high quality software for music-goers everywhere!

Audio Skin - (Products)

Audio Technica - Audio Technica Professional Electro-Acoustic Audio Solutions (Products)
Audio Technica has been designing breakthrough electronic audio products since 1962. Audio Technica microphones and wireless products are found in professional broadcast and music recording applications around the world.

Audix Microphones - Audix Microphones (Products)
Audix commenced in 1984 with a mission that remains unchanged: To design, engineer, and manufacture high performing, innovative products that contribute to the advancement of the professional audio industry. Year after year Audix microphones are recognized for their innovative design, performance, quality, durability and value.

Auralex Acoustics - (Products)

Avalon Design - Avalon Design (Products)
Wynton R. Morro founded Avalon with the desire to bring the art of music recording closer to the essence of the original performance. Avalon's pure Class A recording systems provide the world's leading engineers, producers and musicians with state-of-the-art electronics designed especially for high-fidelity music and sound recording, These carefully engineered systems enhance the creative senses and become one with the music itself.

Avantone - Avantone (Products)
Avantone is a creative vehicle, enabling their core team to bring to market the things they see as missing in the industry. This can be as simple as a certain price point they feel should be met to give excellent quality for reasonable pricing.

Avastor - (Products)

Avid - Avid Professional Broadcast TV, Film and Digital Video Solutions (Products)
In 1989, Avid pioneered the industry of nonlinear media creation, combining nonlinear video and audio editing and production tools. Avid systems have been used in countless TV Broadcasts, Films, and Digital Videos. More recently AVID has expanded with the purchase of Digidesign (now AVID Audio) and M-Audio as well as Sibelius. The name Avid is synonomous with Professional Audio, Video and Film Editing Solutions.

AxeTrak - AxeTrak (Products)
The AxeTrak® is a valuable production tool that provides the user a convenient means to quietly capture the unique characteristics and sound of any guitar setup.

AXL Guitars - (Products)

Axon - (Products)

Ayan Enterprises - (Products)

Azden - Azden wireless microphone systems accessories (Products)
UHF, VHF and Infrared Wireless Microphone Systems and Accessories

BAD CAT - Bad Cat Amplifiers and Effects Pedals (Products)
Bad Cat Amplifiers Company, of Corona, California, offers a solid line of class-A guitar amplifiers and effects. Their products are used by many high profile bands, including 311, Green Day, Maroon 5, System of a Down, Dixie Chicks, Metallica, QOTSA, and more!

BAE Audio - BAE Audio (Products)
BAE is the maker of several marvelous microphone pre-amplifiers and more!

Bananas At Large - Bananas Musical Instruments and Music Equipment Store (Products)
Since 1974, Bananas has been supplying high quality musical instruments and pro audio equipment to the San Francisco Bay Area. Bananas now supplies music equipment all around the world, with a huge selection of products from every major maufacturer, as well as dozens of smaller, more exotic brands.

Band Wagon - (Products)

Barber Electronics - Barber Electronics Guitar Effects Pedals (Products)
Barber effect pedals use high quality components and construction methods previously unheard of in this industry. They have pioneered the use of specific matching techniques and hand selection of components for the characters they lend to your ultimate tones.

BBE Sound, Inc - BBE Sound, Inc. (Products)

Behringer - Behringer Guitar Pedals, Amplifiers, Monitors, Microphones, Mixers, MIDI Controllers and Pro Audio (Products)
Behringer designs and manufactures a full line of professional audio products for musicians and sound engineers. Products include mixing consoles, analog and digital signal processors, MIDI controllers, guitar amplifiers, guitar pedals, studio reference monitors, microphones, headphones and P.A. systems.

Benedetto Guitars - Benedetto Guitars (Products)
Robert Benedetto is widely acknowledged as today’s foremost maker of archtop guitars. Over a prolific four-decade career, he has personally handcrafted nearly 800 instruments, including 500 archtops. “My roots are in jazz guitar. It’s been my love and my focus since Day One.”

Beyerdynamic - Beyerdynamic Professional Microphones and Headphones (Products)
Beyerdynamic has been at the forefront of microphone and headphone research and development since its inception in 1924. Beyerdynamic's professional grade microphones and headphones are used around the world by musicians and broadcast professionals.

BIAS, Inc. - (Products)

Billdidit - Billdidit Drum Accessories (Products)
Innovative products that make a drummer's life easier.

BKE Tech - Beat Kangs Electronics (Products)
BKE, LLC (Beat Kangz Electronics) creates innovative music technology products designed to help users make the best music of their lives. Their goal is to develop powerful, user-friendly tools and instruments that inspire creativity and excitement.

Blackheart Engineering - (Products)

Blackmagic Design - Blackmagic Design, Video Interface Cards and Converters (Products)
Blackmagic Design provides cost-effective video interface cards for video, ranging from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD). Other products include a workgroup video hub for shared projects; the HDLink which maps HD to LCD monitors

Blackstar Amplification - Blackstar Amplification - Discover The Sound In Your Head (Products)
Blackstar Amplification is based in Northampton, England. As a company, they are strongly independent and this spirit is reflected in their design philosophy. Rather than restricting guitarists to the signature sounds of the established brands, Blackstar Amplification products will allow tonal flexibility far beyond that of existing equipment.

Blue Cat Audio - (Products)

Blue Microphones - (Products)

Blueridge Guitars - Blueridge Guitars (Products)

BMF Effects - (Products)

Body Glove - (Products)

Bogner Amplification - Bogner Guitar Tube Amplifiers (Products)
German engineering in California! Reinhold Bogner has been making pro quality amps since the 1980s, and has worked on projects for Steve Via and Eddie Van Halen, among others. Now Bogner Alchemist amps are availalbe to a growing number of guitar players.

Bolt Guitar Amplification Systems - Bolt Guitar Amplification Systems (Products)
Bolt is known for making excellent amplification systems for guitars.

Boomerang Music - Boomerang Music (Products)
Boomerang Musical Products was founded as a partnership between Lee Hardesty and Mike Nelson and is based near Dallas, Texas. BMP has been doing business since 1 Jan 1995.

Bose - Bose Professional PA Systems, Powered Monitor Speakers, Loudspeakers and Signal Processors (Products)
World reknown Bose professional audio - a leader in high definition sound for over 40 years. Life like sound, surround sound and natural reproduction of audio has become synonomous with Bose.

Bosphorus Cymbals - Bosphorus (Products)
Bosphorus Cymbals has established in 1996 by three master cymbal smiths, Hasan Seker, Ibrahim Yakici and Hasan Ozdemir.

BOSS - BOSS Music Equipment (Products)
For over 25 years, BOSS has been at the forefront of music equipment innovation. BOSS is best known for its legendary selection of bass and guitar effects pedals, but has also made its mark with compact digital recording studios, drum machines and guitar accessories. BOSS is now owned by Roland Corporation, strengthening the BOSS brand and technological assets.

Boulder Creek - Boulder Creek (Products)
Boulder Creek Guitars has restarted the stalled evolution of the acoustic guitar.

Breedlove - Breedlove Guitars, Basses and Mandolins (Products)
The Breedlove Guitar Company has been making extraordinary guitars, mandolins and basses since 1991. Kim Breedlove has been a builder of fine musical instruments for over 35 years, and professional musicians around the world use Breedlove instruments.

Brimstone Audio - Brimstone Audio (Products)
Brimstone Audio was founded in California, U.S.A., in 2008, when two music instrument retail professionals with heads full of ideas met an engineer specializing in analog circuit design, with experience ranging from aerospace and fiber optics to the M.I. itself.

BSM Pedals - (Products)

Budda Amplification - Budda Amplifiers and Effects (Products)
Budda Amplification has been building boutique-oriented guitar amps since the early 90s. The Budda line of amplifiers and effects represent analog tube amplification at it’s finest.

Bugera - Bugera (Products)

Burns Guitars - Burns Guitars (Products)
Continual development and refinement reflect a constant quest to realize a vision of the ideal electric guitar.

ButtKicker - Buttkicker Low Frequency Monitoring Technology (Products)
Buttkicker is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for bass players and drum players. The Buttkicker is a low frequency magnetic transducer that attaches to a floorboard and lets you actually feel the low end frequencies travel from your instrument through your body... Great for bassists and electronic drummers.

CAD Microphones - CAD Microphones - Condensor Microphones, Tube Microphones, Studio Mics, Instrument Mics (Products)
CAD Microphones offers a wide range of professional grade microphones for use in the studio or during live performance.

Cakewalk - Cakewalk (Products)
Cakewalk is the leading developer of powerful and thoughtfully designed products for the modern musician. These products include award-winning digital audio workstations and innovative virtual instruments.

Camel Audio - Camel Audio (Products)
Camel Audio create innovative, professional audio products including our Alchemy Synth and Sound Libraries plus CamelSpace and CamelPhat multi-effects. These products have won numerous awards including Electronic Musicians Editors Choice, Keyboard Key Buy and Computer Musics Platinum Award, and are used by many leading musicians such Orbital, Sasha, BT, Coldcut, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer. Camel Audio is based in Edinburgh in the UK, and was founded in 2000 by Ben Gillett.

Canopus - Canopus Digital Video Products (Products)
Canopus is regarded as an industry leader in nonlinear video editing products because of its innovative hardware and software designs. Canopus offers a wide range of solutions for real time editing, digital video converting, mpeg encoding and video distribution

Carl Martin - Carl Martin Guitar Effects Pedals and Guitar Accessories (Products)
Carl Martin has been creating high quality guitar effects pedals since the early 1990s, and now has a line of over a dozen high quality effects pedals, including overdrive/distortion, chorus, fuzz, compressor/limiter, tremelovibe and more!

Carvin - Carvin (Products)
Carvin has been making custom electric and acoustic guitars & basses, as well as guitar and bass amplifiers, pro audio gear, mixers, speakers and other accessories for over 65 years.

Cascade Mics - Cascade Ribbon Microphones (Products)
The Cascade Microphone Company is located in Olympia Washington, over-looking the beautiful Puget Sound. The name, inspired by the Cascade Mountain range, is fast becoming recognized in the Pro Audio industry. Since its inception, Cascade Microphone's goal has been to offer a high-quality product at an exceptional value. Cascade Microphones are hand-built and are represented by a line of high quality professional studio-grade condensers, vacuum tubes, and ribbon microphones that rival the best of the best.

Casio - Casio Musical Keyboards and Digital Pianos (Products)
Casio is a leader in the digital piano and musical keyboard fields. Casio offers many choices from beginning musical keyboards to professional digital pianos.

Catalinbread - Catalinbread (Products)
Small batches of hand-built effects from Portland, Oregon.

CDSoundMaster - (Products)

Celemony - Celemony (Products)
Uses the latest signal processing and programming techniques in the development of professional audio software.

CEntrance, Inc. - (Products)

Cerwin-Vega - Cerwin-Vega (Products)
From Aerospace to in-your-face. For close to 50 years, the name Cerwin-Vega has been synonymous with excellence in every area of the audio experience.

Chameleon Labs - Chameleon Labs (Products)
Chameleon Labs brings to the market high quality products that average users want and need at an affordable price.

CharterOak Acoustic Devices - CharterOak Acoustic Devices (Products)
CharterOak Acoustic Devices is quickly becoming an industry favorite for professional quality recording products for today's musicians and audio engineers. Developed in 2002, CharterOak is privately funded and headquartered in the cozy suburbs of Connecticut and a operates a sales office in Singapore.

Charvel - Charvel Guitars (Products)
Charvel Guitars and Grover Jackson have been making high quality electric guitars since the late 1970s. They recently released a new, revamped line of USA built guitars.

Chauvet - Chauvet Lighting, Lighting Effects, Fog Machines, DMX lighting and DMX controllers. (Products)
Chauvet is dedicated to providing cost effective lighting solutions for DJs, clubs, parties, show rooms and other presentation areas. Chauvet offers a wide range of lighting effects, stage and theatrical lighting, laser systems, foggers/hazers and professional DMX lighting controllers.

Chunk Systems - Chunk Systems (Products)
Chunk Systems designs and manufactures high quality effect pedals designed for professional bass players. The pedals are built in Australia from high-quality parts, close tolerance components and plenty of funk. Whether you're looking for a way to make your bass sound a little crusty and gritty, fat and funky or even like a screaming mutant bloodsucker from another planet then you've come to the right place.

Clavia Nord - Clavia Digital Musical Instruments (Products)
Since 1983, Clavia has developed several groundbreaking digital percussion systems under the name ddrum, and in 1995 Clavia also entered the synthesizer market with the world's first, and according to many still the best, virtual analog synthesizer, the Nord Lead.

Cleartone Strings - Cleartone Strings (Products)
Cleartone Brand Guitar Strings has created Treated Strings; a long lasting string with a protective film that is so thin that Guitar and Bass players will never feel it. Yet with more durability than coated strings and resists flaking and "crustiness" longer. Buy a set today and see what the next generation of Treated Strings can do for you.

Cloud Microphone - Cloud Microphone (Products)
All Cloud products are completely built in the USA.

CMD - (Products)

CME - CME - Central Music Company - Midi Keyboards and Midi Controllers. (Products)
CME was originally founded through the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China. CME produces powerful software, midi keyboards, and midi control products.

CMG Guitars - CMG Guitars (Products)
CMG Guitars is a small company that delivers affordable, quality guitars!

Coast - (Products)

Coffin Case - Coffin Case Unique Guitar Cases (Products)

Coffin Cases - Coffin cases, Black Kross (Products)

Conn - (Products)

Cordoba Guitars - Cordoba Acoustic Guitars (Products)
Cordoba represents a lifestyle that blends bohemian creativity and indivituality with a hertiage of artistry and craftsmanship. Offering an entire range of nylon string guitars and ukuleles, the quality of Cordoba has been recognized worldwide by artists from a variety of genres and musical backgrounds.

Cornell - Cornell (Products)
Cornell Guitar Amplification
from D.C. Developments

Music Technology
Design & Development

Hand-built Excellence

Countryman - Countryman - Direct Boxes Isomax headset microphones (Products)
Smallest and lightest professional headset in the world direct box mics microphone

Crate Amplifiers - Crate (Products)
CRATE Amplifiers provide the best quality for the right price, offering you great sound without having to sign away your soul.

Creation Guitars - Creation Guitars - Unique Acoustic Electric Guitars (Products)
Creation Guitars has been manufacturing and distributing guitars since 1990. Their mission - to provide beautiful artistic guitars that sound great.

Critter and Guitari - Critter and Guitari (Products)
They make musical instruments! Music is the Best!

Crown - Crown Amplifiers, Microphones and Sound System Solutions (Products)
Crown has been innovating pro audio solutions for over 50 years. Crow offers a wide range of professional microphones, amplifiers and sound system solutions.

Crowther Audio - Crowther Audio (Products)
Starting in 1976, Emlyn Crowther, drummer of Split Enz, invented a revolutionary pedal called the Hotcake. Due to the success and popularity of the pedal Emlyn founded Crowther Audio, company that manufactures effects pedals and other equipment.

Crucial Audio - Crucial Audio (Products)
Crucial Audio LLC is located in Santa Rosa, California, and manufactures innovative vacuum tube audio products.

CruzTools - CruzTools (Products)
CruzTOOLS makes tools for musicians that are absolutely dependable, backed by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Cymatic Audio - Cymatic Audio (Products)
Cymatic Audio creates task-specific audio interfaces that eliminate many of the difficulties often found in hi-tech products. Our aim is to cut to the chase of the task at hand, to reduce learning curves and to offer professionals the tools they need to have guaranteed success in getting their job done.

Born from a team of seasoned industry veterans that understand the fact, that often times, less is more, Cymatic Audio creates products that aim to deliver unparalleled ease of use, excellent quality, forward thinking compatibility and connectivity...all at affordable prices.

D16 Group - (Products)

D'Addario - D'Addario Electric and Acoustic Guitar Strings and Bass Strings (Products)
D'Addario's roots in string making can be tracked back to the late 1600s in Italy. D'Addario offers a wide range of high quality electric and acoustic guitar and bass strings.

Daisy Rock - Daisy Rock Guitars for Girls and Women (Products)
Daisy Rock specializes in guitars for girls and women. Their guitars feature slimmer necks than standard guitars, which are easier to play with smaller hands, and Daisy Rock guitars are lightweight.

Damage Control - Damage Control - High End, Class A Tube Guitar Effects (Products)
Damage Control is dedicated to bringing guitarists the absolute best of analog, digital, and hybrid analog/digital guitar effects pedal design. Damage Control is the culmination of a talented team of sonic engineers (formerly of Line 6 and Alesis), obsessed with creating the ultimate tube guitar effects.

D'Andrea USA - D'Andrea USA (Products)
The first plastic pick ever. This simple wedge of plastic is the very tool that transfers your energy and inspiration from fingers to strings. The sound of a musical piece depends as much on the selection of pick as it does on the choice of strings, amps, effects, or guitar.

Many players keep a variety of types and gauges available for varied sounds and playing styles. Guitarists experiment constantly because the quest for the perfect pick never ends. D'Andrea USA has been supporting that quest since 1922.

In 2012, D'Andrea USA celebrated 90 years of designing & manufacturing professional guitar picks and music accessories, making it one of the oldest companies in the music industry.

Danelectro - Danelectro Guitar Effects (Products)
Danelectro has been manufacturing cost effective, high quality guitar effects since 1947. Danelectro offers a wide range of effects... from their Wasabi effects line to mini effects and paisley effects.

D'Angelico - D'Angelico Guitars (Products)
A Legend Reborn. All D'Angelicos being produced today use the legendary trademarked DA head stock and some or most of the original design components of the original instruments.

Dave Smith Instruments - (Products)

David Thomas McNaught Guitars - (Products)

DBX - (Products)

DBZ Guitars - DBZ Guitars (Products)
DBZ Guitars, founded by Dean Zelinsky with his partners Jeff Diamant and Terry Martin, is the melding of Dean's past 30 plus years of guitar making with modern day technology. DBZ, like no other guitar company, are uniquely using this technology to take the guitar to the next level.

Ddrum - Ddrum Acoustic and Electronic Drum Products (Products)

Dean - Dean Guitars and Basses (Products)
Dean has been creating high quality, premium guitars for almost 30 years now, and they continue to build fine instruments for many professional musicians and music enthusiasts today.

Dean Markley - Dean Markley Strings (Products)
Dean Markley makes great strings, which sound spectacular and help players get the sounds they want.

Death By Audio - (Products)

Demeter - Demeter Amplification - Pro Audio, Guitar Amps, Bass Preamps and Accessories (Products)
Demeter offers a wide range of professional quality tube amplifiers, compressors and preamps for vocal microphones, as well as guitar amps and effects.

Denon - Denon Electronics - Pro DJ Equipment and Digital Turntables (Products)
Since 1910, Denon has been a manufacturing leader in turntables and professional grade audio/video equipment. They now offer several high end scratchable digital CD turntables and CD player decks.

Devilcat Amplifiers - (Products)
Devilcat Amplifiers is a rocking' division of Pladd Dot Music (the coolest music distributor around). You may have heard of some of our other brands: CMG Guitars (Chris Mitchell Guitars), Bouncin' Betty Strings, and RMV Stands. In case you haven't, they totally rock!

Dewey Decibel - (Products)

Diamond Pedals - Diamond Pedals (Products)
Innovative sonic excellence in the form of effects pedals.

Diaz - (Products)

Diezel - (Products)

Digital 1 Audio - (Products)

Digital Music Corp - Digital Music Corporation and Voodoo Labs - Pro Music Equipment and Guitar Pedals (Products)
Digital Music Corp and the Voodoo Lab brand offers a wide range of guitar effects pedals, preamps, amp selectors, and the world reknown and widely used Ground Control Pro MIDI foot controller pedal.

Digital Origin - (Products)

Digitech - Digitech and DOD Guitar Effects Pedals and Pro Audio Signal Processing Equipment (Products)
Since 1974 the Harman Music Group has been creating premium guitar effects and pro audio signal processing equipment under the Digitech, DOD, dbx and Lexicon Pro brand names. They offer a wide range of guitar pedals, guitar multi effects, vocal effects processors and pro audio processors.

Direct Sound - Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Headphones (Products)
Invented by a studio session drummer for drummers, stage & studio musicians, home studios and anyone wanting serious isolation.

Dirtbag Clothing - Dirtbag Clothing - T-Shirts, Sweats-Shirts and Hats (Products)
Dirtbag Clothing is a little bit of punk, a little bit of rock-and-roll. Dirtbag is about doing what you want when you want and not worrying about what other people think. A full line of T-shirts, sweat-shirts and hats.

Dirty Boy Pedals - (Products)

Dixon Drums - Dixon Drums (Products)
The best set to play in a rock band.

DJ Tech - DJ Tech (Products)

DLS Effects - (Products)

DNA - (Products)

Dog Days Vintage Guitar Straps - (Products)

DR Strings - DR Strings (Products)

Drum Fire - DrumFire (Products)

DrumDial, Inc - DrumDial, Inc. (Products)
DrumDial quickly and precisely tunes all drums by accurately measuring drumhead tension NOT tension rod torque.

Duesenberg Guitars - Duesenberg Guitars (Products)
Retro meets high-tech.

Duncan Turner Acoustic Research - (Products)

Dunlop - Dunlop Guitar Effects Pedals and Guitar Accessories (Products)
Dunlop offers a wide range of high quality guitar effects pedals and guitar accessories. Dunlops products are used by professional musicians around the world - From the classic Crybaby Wah-Wahs to Talk Box pedals to the amazing line of MXR pedals.

DW Drums - Drum Workshop (DW) Drums (Products)
"The Drummer's Choice" is more than a slogan, it's a fact. After more than thirty years of innovation and tireless dedication to improving the way drum products are made, DW drums, pedals and hardware are the standard by which all others are measured.

DWC-Aphex - DWC-Aphex (Products)

Dynaudio Acoustics - Dynaudio Acoustics (Products)

EarthQuaker Devices - Earthquaker Devices Effects Pedals (Products)
Building guitar effect pedals entirely by hand in lovely Akron, Ohio since 2004.

Earthworks Audio Products - Earthworks Audio Products - Wide Spectrum Microphones, Preamps and Speakers (Products)
Earthworks Audio is dedicated to high definition audio realism. They offer a wide range of extended spectrum microphones, preamps and speakers that reach up above the standard 20khz cutoff of most pro audio equipment.

Eastwest - Eastwest (Products)
Since 1988, EASTWEST ( has been dedicated to perpetual innovation and uncompromising quality, setting the industry standard as the #1 producer and distributor of virtual (software) instruments.

Eastwood Guitars - Eastwood Guitars (Products)
Since 2001, Eastwood® has been creating some of the most exciting Electric Guitars the world has ever seen.

Eblitz - (Products)

Ebow - Ebow (Products)
Ebow makes an electronic hand-held bow for guitars.

EBS Professional Bass Equipment - EBS Professional Bass Pedals and Equipment (Products)
Since 1988 EBS has been designing and manufacturing professional equipment for bass players. They are a company of bass players, for bass players. EBS is committed to using its knowledge, expertise and understanding of the bass instrument to design and produce the ultimate equipment for your bass guitar.

Ebtech - (Products)

Eden - Eden Electronics - Professional Bass Amplification Products (Products)
Eden Electronics specialized in professional grade amplifiers and enclosures for the Bass amplification market. They blend together a unique combination of mechanical engineering, applied physics and musical knowledge to produce superior bass amplification products.

Eden Analog Inc - Eden Analog Guitar Pedals and Effects (Products)
Eden Analog produces custom made, hand built guitar pedals that are great sounding, quiet, and durable. Eden Analog uses high quality electronic components.

Edirol - Edirol MIDI Interfaces, Computer Monitor Speakers, MIDI Keyboard Controllers, and Digital Recording Interfaces (Products)
Edirol offers a line of cost effective audio and MIDI interfaces, monitor speakers, MIDI sound modules, mixers and recording interfaces. Edirol is a Roland Products partner, offering the leading technological advances in audio technology.

Egnater - Egnater (Products)
Egnater Amplification makes some pretty amazing custom ammplifiers.

Eisenberg - (Products)

Electra Guitars - (Products)

Electro-Harmonix - Electro Harmonix Guitar Effects and Pedals (Products)
Electro Harmonix Guitar Effects and Guitar Pedals - For more than 30 years, Electro Harmonix has been inspiring musicians with its unique Filters, Distortion, Reverb, Delay, Modulation, Synthesis and More!

ElectroVoice - Professional Audio Products (Products)
The story of Electro-Voice is a classic American success story. Over the course of time, EV has grown into one of today's dominant forces in the design and manufacturing of leading-edge products for audio professionals. It is recognized the world over as a leader in audio technology.

Elixir - Elixir Strings - Polyweb Coated Strings and Nanoweb Coated Strings (Products)
Elixir Strings use a high tech coating on the strings to prevent corrosion and string degredation and reduce finger squeak as you move up and down the fretboard. Elixir strings come in two varieties - the original Polyweb coating, and the ultra thin Nanoweb coating.

Emagic - Emagic Logic Software Based Audio Recording and MIDI Interfaces (Products)
Emagic was founded in the early 1990s, and has been a leader in the field of computer based music production ever since. Emagic Logic Audio is used by over a quarter million commercial and private music studios around the world. Emagic also offers a range of computer MIDI interfaces.

EMB - (Products)

eMedia - eMedia Music Corporation - Instructional CD-Roms (Products)
eMedia Music Corporation is a software developer dedicated to producing high-quality multimedia music instruction software. eMedia offers a wide range of instructional CD-Roms for learning to play guitars and keyboards.

EMES - EMES - Studio Monitor Systems (Products)
EMES has become known as one of the top professional studio monitor manufacturers in Europe today. With the EMES MODU-MO System you are free to choose the acoustical principal you prefer: Coaxial, D'Appolito One + One, or ESE based configurations.

EMG - (Products)

Emma Effects - Emma Effects (Products)

Empirical Labs - Empirical Labs - Professional Audio Equipment and Audio Software (Products)
Empirical Labs designs and produces professional audio equipment and software. Empirical labs was founded in 1988 and is known for its high quality audio signal path processors such as the Distressor automatic gain controller and FATSO audio processor.

Emu - E-MU Systems - Keyboards, Samplers, Command Stations, Sound Modules and Pro Audio Recording Equipment (Products)
E-MU Systems has been a leading developer of digital audio products since 1971. E-MU specializes in high grade digital signal processing (DSP) for pro audio products. Their product line includes a wide range of sound modules, sequencing command stations, keyboards, samplers, and professional digital audio recording systems.

Encore - (Products)

EnRoute Music - EnRoute Music (Products)
EnRoute Music are the creators of the Porchboard Bass.

Epiphone - Epiphone Guitars - Solid and Hollow Body Electric Guitars and Acoustic Guitars (Products)
The history of Epiphone reads like the history of guitar manufacturing. The Epiphone Company's roots track back to the mid 1800s and through over 70 years of guitar production. Owned by Gibson, the Epiphone brand offers many clones of legendary Gibson guitar designs, at a fraction of the cost.

Equation Audio - (Products)

Ernie Ball - Ernie Ball Music Man - Guitar, Basses, and Guitar and Bass Strings (Products)
Ernie Ball has significantly changed the guitar and bass industry over the past 50 years. Ernie Ball was one of the first companies to start offering guitar and bass strings in all different guages, rather than the specific guages used in designs by guitar manufacturers.

Eskuche Headphones - Eskuche Heaphones (Products)
With classic design evolved with future sounds, Eskuche offers audio accessories that define YOU, while satisfying the functionality of your lifestyle.

ESP Guitars - ESP Guitars (Products)
Founded in 1975, ESP Guitar Company is the respected manufacturer of custom electric and acoustic guitars and basses for musicians around the world.

Euphonix - Euphonix (Products)
Euphonix, a leading manufacturer of large-format digital audio consoles, media controllers, and peripherals, has provided customers worldwide with trusted broadcast, post, live sound, and music production solutions for over 21 years.

Evans Drumheads - Evans Drumheads (Products)
Evans Drumheads has been in the music industry for more than 40 years, and those six words best describe the history and vision of the company. Decades ago, Evans was the pioneer of drumhead manufacturing and design. Today, they are the innovators.

Eve Audio - Eve Audio (Products)
The new loudspeaker manufacturer from Berlin, Germany.

Event - Event Electronics - Monitor Speakers, Subwoofers and Digital Recording Interfaces (Products)
Event Electronics manufactures a large selection of studio monitor speakers, subwoofers and digital recording interfaces. Their products are cost effective and high quality.

Eventide - Eventide (Products)
Founded in 1971, Eventide is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital audio processing products for recording, broadcast, and live performance, as well as, digital communications products for public safety institutions.

Everly Picks - (Products)

EVH - EVH (Products)
You know the name, and you know the gear. Now you can get your hands on these shredding guitars and amps.

Evolution - Evolution Electronics - MIDI keyboards and MIDI control surfaces (Products)
Evolution Electronics is a UK based manufacturer of cost effective software and hardware products for the pro audio market. The company first got its foothold in the keyboard synthesizer market in 1985, and now offers a wide range of innovative MIDI keyboards and MIDI control surfaces.

EWS Pedals - E.W.S. (Products)
From Japan, E.W.S. is a division of Prosound Communications that specializes in making effects pedals.

FabFilter - (Products)

Facelift - (Products)
Invented by guitarist Rick Parfitt of legendary UK rockers Status Quo, The Facelift is a true, innovative original; a one-stop guitar makeover.

Intrigued by the concept of how to change the appearance of any guitar, Rick and his business partner, Mike Hrano, worked together to develop and achieve a solution.

The result is a removable, reusable vinyl guitar overlay. A durable yet disposable product which combines precise technical specification, creative engineering - and startling simplicity. It can be used and re-used.

Farley's Musical Essentials - (Products)

FastAxe - (Products)

Fender - Fender® Guitars, Basses, Amplifiers and PA Systems (Products)
Founded in 1946, Fender® Musical Instruments Corporation has been an American icon for over 50 years. A variety of superb musical instruments and equipment - Electric Guitars - Acoustic Guitars - Guitar Amps - Basses - PA Systems

Fernandes - Fernandes Guitars - Original Guitar Designs (Products)
Unique original designs of electric guitars and basses. Also distributes HiWatt amplification in the USA. Sustainer Guitars are a specialty

First Act - First Act (Products)
First Act, Inc. is a musical lifestyle company headquartered in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay. They design, create and market musical products, instruments and accessories for all ages from cradle to college.

Fishman - (Products)

Fleabass - Fleabass (Products)
Flea created FleaBass with the intention of not only making inexpensive basses, but making a bass that looks cool as hell and plays beautifully.

Flinthill - (Products)

Flux - Flux (Products)

FMR Audio - FMR Audio - Really Nice Compressor and Preamp (Products)
FMR Audio's roots (and the history of the "Really Nice Compressor") can back tracked back to the early 1980s. The central goal of FMR Audio has been to produce an inexpensive, but professional broadcast quality compressor - and that is exactly what the Really Nice Compressor is.

Focusrite - (Products)

Fostex - Fostex - Multitrack Recorders, Studio Monitors and Digital Recording Accessories (Products)
Fostex is a leading manufacturer of analog multitrack recorders and digital audio recording workstations. Fostex offers a wide range of standalone field recorders, digital recording interfaces and analog to digital converters.

Framus - Framus (Products)
No other guitars and basses - indeed few instruments of any kind - are designed and manufactured with such diligent attention to detail.

Frantone - Frantone Electronics - Guitar Effects Pedals and Bass Effects Pedals (Products)
Frantone Electronics has been creating high quality guitar and bass effects since 1994. Their effects pedals are all hand made with the highest quality electronic components available. They are know for tonal quality, clarity, and rugged reliability.

Fretlight Guitar - Fretlight Guitar (Products)
Information right under your fingertips: Fingering information for chords, scales, songs, riffs, and tablature light up the fretboard where you need to see it most - right under your fingers.With the Fretlight built-in LED learning system, you can get started in minutes. A serious tool for guitar players at every level.

Fretlord - (Products)

Friedman Amplification - Friedman Amplification (Products)
Offering a selection of amps for the most demanding guitar players.

Frontier Design Group - (Products)

Fulltone - Fulltone Bass and Guitar Effects Pedals (Products)
Fulltone has been creating high quality bass and guitar effects pedals since 1991. All their pedals are hand-made, built with high quality electronic components. Fulltone pedals offer super clear "true-bypass" switching, and warm, fat tones when active.


Fulltone Custom Shop - Fulltone Custom Shop Effects Pedals (Products)
Fulltone Custom Shop has been creating high quality bass and guitar effects pedals since 1991. All their pedals are hand-made, built with high quality electronic components. Fulltone pedals offer super clear "true-bypass" switching, and warm, fat tones when active. The products made from the Custom Shop are the highest quality pedals out there!


Furman - (Products)

Future Audio Workshop - Future Audio Workshop (Products)
Future Audio Workshop is a pan european collective of engineers, programmers and designers, with the main office based near the Connemara region of Ireland.

Future Sonics Incorporated - (Products)

FXpansion - (Products)

G and L - G&L Guitars - Guitars and Basses (Products)
G&L Guitars is the fusion of George Fullerton and Leo Fender (of the legendary Fender Instruments). Since Leo passed away in 1991, G&L Guitars has restructured and come under ownership of BBE Sound. G&L Guitars continues to offer a large selection of the finest quality guitars and basses out there.

G7th - (Products)

Gadow Guitars - Gadow Guitars (Products)
U.S. Made, Handcrafted Electric Guitars and Basses. Gadow is taking music back to its roots.

Galaxy Audio - Galaxy Audio - Monitor Speakers, PA systems, and Sound Accessories (Products)
Galaxy Audio offers personal monitor speakers, compact PA systems and audio signal path processing devices.

Gallien-Krueger - Bass Amplification (Products)

Garrison Guitars - (Products)

Garritan - (Products)

Gator Cases - Gator Cases (Products)
Gator Cases is the manufacturer of over 600 case colutions for the Audio Visual, Music, Band, and Pro Audio market.

Gemini - Gemini (Products)
Gemini's goal is to design products that offer value and innovation in the DJ and Pro Audio markets. Since 1974, they’ve evolved and thrived by understanding the needs of their customers and recognizing industry trends. From their humble beginnings, they have understood the potential of the DJ movement.

Genalex - Genalex (Products)
Totally Tubular!

Genelec - Genelec Audio Monitoring (Products)
Since the founding of Genelec in 1978, professional audio monitoring has been the core of the business. Their unrivaled commitment to research and development has resulted in a number of industry firsts and established Genelec as the industry leader in active monitors.

Genz Benz - Genz Benz (Products)

GHS - GHS (Products)
By combining their years of experience and their reputation for quality, GHS will continue to provide the best strings for players worldwide for years to come.

Gibraltar - Gibraltar (Products)

Gibson - Gibson Guitars - Solid Body Electric Guitars, Hollow Body Electric Guitars, and Acoustic Guitars (Products)
Gibson has been producing musical instruments for over 100 years. Gibson guitars have produced the sounds of countless famous bands. The Gibson Les Paul era marked the genesis of the premium guitar market, and Gibson has been a leader in quality guitars ever since.

Giffin Guitars - (Products)

Gig-FX - (Products)

G-Lab (Guitar Laboratory) - G-Lab (Products)

G-Lab (TSI Distributing) - (Products)

Glyph Production Technologies - Glyph Production Technologies (Products)
Building Production-quality storage for media professionals.

GNI Pedals - GNI Pedals (Products)
When you have an GNI product in your hands, you can be sure that it was approved and designed by experts who love what they do.

Godin - (Products)

Godlyke - (Products)

Gold Tone - Gold Tone (Products)
Gold Tone Banjos, located in Titusville, Florida was founded by Wayne and Robyn Rogers in 1993.

Grace Design - Grace Design Professional Audio (Products)

Grado Labs - Grado Labs (Products)
Grado, one of the oldest family owned companies in the Audio Industry, has for over half a century been the leaders in design engineering for the high-end audio and recording industries.

Grand Pedal Designs - (Products)

GreedTone - GreedTone (Products)
GreedTone! Anything less is everything else.

Greenhouse - Greemhouse Effects stomp box delay fuzz boost overdrive (Products)

Gretsch - Gretsch® Guitars and Basses (Products)
Gretsch has been crafting premium quality guitars and basses for over 100 years. Gretsch offers a wide selection of electric guitars and electric basses, but is best known for its hollow body guitar and bass designs.

Gretsch Drums - Gretsch Drums (Products)

Grid1 Audio, LLC - Grid1 Audio, LLC (Products)
Innovators of the world's first battery-powered 60W tube amp!

Grip Studios - Grip Studios (Products)
Grip Studios offers custom guitar hangers that will help your collection stand out from the rest.

Guild - (Products)

Guyatone - Guyatone Guitar Pedals and Boutique Effects (Products)
Hand made guitar effects from Japan. Unique items including tube hybird, analog delay, optical pedals

Hagstrom Guitars - Hagstrom Guitars (Products)
Quality and expertise are fused into exceptional instruments whose price tags are nevertheless bound to come as a pleasant surprise to musicians.

Hamer - Hamer Guitars (Products)
Chicago has a music vibe that's undeniable, relentless and contagious. It seems fitting that the home of the blues should give birth to the finest electric guitars on earth. Starting in 1974 a group of passionate, musically-infected musicians submerged themselves in a Chicago basement to build modern guitars with a vibrant vintage soul.

Hammond - (Products)

HAO - HAO handmade pedals. Guitar FX effects (Products)
Unique pedals that don't just replicate old designs but rather combine new concepts with traditional sounds.

Hartke - Hartke Keyboard, Guitar and Bass Amplifiers (Products)
Hartke offers a wide range of amplifiers including keyboard amps, guitar amps and bass amps.

Hartman Pedals - Hartman Pedals (Products)
Hartman is a manufacturer of effect pedals for electric guitar.

Hatfield/Jones - (Products)

Hear Technologies - (Products)

Hearos - Hearos (Products)
In 1992, Hearos was founded because a need for an innovative brand of American made, high quality ear plugs was identified.

Heavy Electronics - Heavy Electronics (Products)
Created by Sayer Payne, Heavy Electronics are made-in-the-USA guitar pedals that offer honest tone, construction, aesthetic, and price. Heavy Electronics offer road-ready effects pedals made with the finest components and superior design.

Heavyocity - Heavyocity (Products)
Heavyocity is a collaborative of pro composers and sound designers with a mission to create world class virtual instruments for today's modern composer and sound designer.

Heil Sound - Heil Microphones and Mic Accessories (Products)
Bob Heil has been an influencial figure in the live sound and professional audio industry for over 40 years, designing pro audio systems that have been used by countless professional musicians. Heil Sound offers a wide range of microphones for pro audio and radio broadcast.

Henriksen Amplifiers - Henriksen Amplifiers (Products)
Henriksen, Inc. designs and manufactures jazz guitar and bass amplifiers and accessories for jazz musicians using an analog architecture to acheive the greatest possible jazz tone.

Henry Heller - Henry Heller Straps (Products)
Henry Heller is dedicated to bringing premier music straps to the home, stage, studio and wherever else a quality strap may be needed.

Hercules (Kaysound) - Hercules DJ Console Guillemot Audio Interface (Products)
DJ Console, audio interfaces, game controllers

Hercules Stands - Hercules Stands (Products)
Recording in the studio, performing on the stage, or relaxing at home – HERCULES are stands you can trust!

Heritage Guitars - Heritage Guitar (Products)
Heritage got its start in 1985 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, after the Gibson Guitar Corporation closed down its factory there. Heritage produces high quality, hand made guitars by the world's most experienced craftsmen.

HHB - (Products)

HiWatt - HIWATT Tube Amps and Solid State Practice Amps (Products)
HIWATT has been producing high quality tube amplifiers since the mid 1960s. Their legendary sound has been heard on countless recordings from The Who, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues and Jethro Tull, among others. HIWATT's tube amps are meticulously constructed from the finest components, providing jaw-dropping tone, as well as being rugged and dependable. HIWATT now has a line of inexpensive solid state Bulldog practice amps as well.

HK Audio - HK Audio (Products)
HK AUDIO® has become synonymous with live sound reinforcement systems of the highest quality. Made in Germany, these systems are the product of a lifelong passion and pursuit of a vision - the aspiration to deliver perfect sound.

Hofner - Hofner (Products)

Hohner - (Products)

Homebrew - (Products)

Hosa - Hosa Cables and Audio Adapters (Products)
For over 20 years, Hosa has provided cost effective cabling solutions for musicians, engineers, and audio/video enthusiasts across the world.

Hot Picks - Hot Picks (Products)
Worlds coolest Guitar Picks, Guitars, and Guitar Accessories.

HQ Percussion - HQ Percussion (Products)
The seed that would grow into HQ Percussion Products was planted in Long Island in the early eighties. Casino Percussion Products had a solid business in a variety of small accessory products for drummers including practice pads with gum rubber or neoprene playing surfaces.

Hudson Electronics - Hudson Electronics (Products)
Hudson Electronics, located in Hutton, East Yorkshire, UK, offer hand-crafted retro-flavoured fuzz pedals. They build onto vintage-style strip-boards, using hand-selected, new old-stock germanium and silicon transistors, along with high quality components. Every aspect of each build is completed by hand with high attention to detail, from the application of graphics through to final assembly and testing: authentic fuzz tones, precision construction and thorough after market care.

Hughes And Kettner - Hughes And Kettner (Products)
Hughes & Kettner excels at designing devices that deliver huge tone, exhilarating performance and smart features that inspire players everywhere.

HumiCase - HumiCase (Products)
For the first time, a line of products specifically designed to protect classical and flamenco guitars is now available to the wider public. With both the novice and professional musician in mind, Tornavoz Music has designed HumiCase™ products to include everything needed to ensure safe, proper humidification and protection.

Huntington - Huntington (Products)
Huntington makes a few different type of keyboards that are perfect for all ages.

Huss And Dalton - (Products)

Ibanez - Ibanez Guitars, Basses and Effects Pedals (Products)
Ibanez has been creating stringed instruments since the 1930s. Ibanez now offers a wide range of electric and acoustic guitars and basses that are used by countless musicians around the world.

iConnectivity - iConnectivity Innovative Interfaces (Products)
iConnectivity develops hardware for musicians that adds mobile devices and computers to their toolset, and is changing the way musicians wire their gear through network connectivity capabilities.

The products they make and the people they reach are all part of why they dare to create devices that reduce complexity and cost for everyone with a passion for creating, recording, exploring or supporting music.

Built for the creative; always exploring for ways to be better, together.

IK Multimedia - IK Multimedia Music Production Software (Products)
IK Multimedia is an international music production software company founded in 1996. IK Multimedia offers a wide line of high performance software-instruments and effects plugins for VST and RTAS/AS (Digidesign Pro-Tools) based music production software.

Ilio - (Products)

Image Line - Image Line (Products)
Image-Line is a Belgium based software company, founded in 1994. If you thought Belgium was all Beer and Chocolates, then you may be surprised to learn Belgium is also the home of one of the worlds most successful music production software companies. Ranging from FL Studio, Deckadance, Edison, and Slicex, Image Line continues to make excellent software for musicians, by musicians.

Impulse Record - (Products)

Indie - (Products)

IndigiSounds - (Products)

Intime Design - Intime Design Guitar Accessories (Products)

iSP Technologies - (Products)

iStand - (Products)

Italia - (Products)

J Rockett Audio Designs - J. Rockett Audio Designs (Products)
J. RAD is a manufacturer of electronics for musicians.

Jackson - (Products)

Jacques - Jacques (Products)

James Trussart - James Trussart Custom Guitars (Products)

Jammin Pro - Jammin Pro Instruments (Products)
Jammin Pro is committed to designing great musical instruments and audio tools.

JangleBox - JangleBox (Products)
The JB and JB2 are significant components in helping capture that beautiful chime you hear in the music of the Beatles, the Byrds, Tom Petty, REM, the Church, the Pretenders, and so many others.

Jay Turser - Jay Turser (Products)
Unbeatable stringed instruments at reasonable prices.

JBL - (Products)

Jet City Amplification - Jet City Amps (Products)
Jet City Amplifiers are designed in Seattle with a very simple “no bullsh*t” philosophy. No goofy “DSP” or “marketing knobs” to get between you and your sound. So for you Bubba, it’s pure all-tube tone — from shimmering clean to thick ‘n raunchy. If you wanna play smooth jazz, buy someone else’s amps.

JetSlide - (Products)

JHS Pedals - JHS Pedals (Products)
JHS Pedals are the result of Joshua Scott's desire for quality effects that would stand out in the crowd.

JMI Amplification - JMI Amplification (Products)
JMI are proud to have been working with Gary Hurst, one of the true legends of Rock ‘n’ Roll, since 1994. Their effects are 100% replicas of Gary’s original designs, and every detail is overseen by Gary himself.

Joe Meek - Joe Meek (Products)
The JOEMEEK compressor is the first device commercially available to have been designed purely as an effects compressor. Its purpose is to change the way the ear perceives the sound; its action changes the clarity, balance and even rhythmic feel of music.

Joe Satriani Sale - Joe Satriani Super Colossal Sale (Products)
Place your order now! These items may receive multiple orders in a short period. There is only one of each item available.

Placing your order does not guarantee you will get to purchase the item. The sooner you place an order, the more likely you will get the item. We will notify the winning purchasers as soon as possible, once the sale wraps up.

You will be responsible for shipping and insurance costs. For foreign customers, you will be responsible for any customs or duties. This item is used, but in working order. It is sold as-is. No returns will be accepted for this item.

Johnson - (Products)

Johnson Guitars - Johnson Guitars (Products)
Johnson Musical Instruments has become the industry's premier builder of high-quality, high-value musical instruments.

K and M Stands - (Products)

Kala Brand Ukulele - Kala Brand Ukulele (Products)
Kala makes a wide variety of quality ukeleles, including Hawaiian Koa Ukeleles, Solid Spruce Top Ukeleles, Mahagony Ukeleles and Kala Color Ukeleles.

Kamesan - (Products)

Kamoa Ukuleles - Kamoa Ukuleles (Products)
Kamoa™ Ukulele Company is dedicated to building high quality bell tone instruments. Their “One player at a time” philosophy is the basis for the countless experiences that will resonate with you for years to come through the lifelong enjoyment of music on your Kamoa™ ukulele.

Kawai - Kawai - Professional MP4 and MP8 Digital Stage PIanos (Products)
Kawai has been producing pianos since the 1920s. Kawai is recognized around the world as a leader in professional stage pianos and digital pianos, as well as upright and grand pianos. Kawai's MP4 and MP8 digital stage pianos represent the cutting edge of professional stage piano sound, design and feel.

Keith McMillen Instruments - Keith McMillen Instruments (Products)
Keith McMillen Instruments is a private company based in Berkeley, CA developing innovative hardware and software technologies that allow musicians to interface with computers in exciting new ways.

Kemper - (Products)

Kentucky Mandolins - Kentucky Mandolins (Products)

KeyToSound - (Products)

KickPort - KickPort (Products)
Founded by professional musicians in 2009, KickPort International LLC designs and manufactures sound enhancing drum and percussion accessories. The patented KickPort has quickly become one of the most talked-about drum innovations in recent years and has received numerous industry awards and international acclaim.

King - (Products)

Kirk Austin - (Products)

Klark Teknik - Klark Teknik Professional Signal Processing (Products)
Phil and Terry Klark Teknik Research Ltd. takes an innovative approach to design development. The world’s first digital delay and digital reverb units emanated from their laboratory, and their descendants remain in common usage all over the world to this day. Professional engineering for sonic quality.

Klon - Klon (Products)

Knucklehead Strings - (Products)

Kong Audio - (Products)

Korg - Korg Musical Instruments and Music Equipment - Synthesizers, Digital Organs and Pianos, Samplers, Effects and More! (Products)
Korg has been an innovating force in the pro-audio and electronic musical instrument field for over 40 years. The legendary sounds of Korg Synthesizers and Digital Organs have been heard on countless albums over the past four decades. Korg continues to invent and innovate new musical instruments and equipment.

Koss Stereophones - Koss Stereophones (Products)
Koss headphones and high fidelity audio products offer sound quality reveled by music lovers for over 50 years.

Krank Amplification - (Products)

Kremona - Kremona (Products)
Kremona stringed instruments are the product of Bulgaria's venerable Kremona lutherie, established in 1924. Enjoying continued success in many parts of the world, Kremona now offers their traditional European craftsmanship to North America. Recognized for superb build quality and solution-oriented pricing, Kremona musical instruments remain one of the industry's astonishing values.

KResearch Multimedia - (Products)

KRK Systems - KRK Studio Monitors, Speakers and Subwoofers (Products)
KRK was founded in 1986 by Keith Klawitter, with the mission to build a monitor system that gave him great clarity and audio accuracy. Today they make some of the highest quality studio monitor systems in the market.

Kurzweil - Kurzweil Music Systems - Professional Digital Pianos and Keyboard Synthesizers (Products)
Kurzweil Music Systems invented the first ROM based sampling keyboard in the early 1980s. Since then, Kurweil has been a leader of Digital Piano, MIDI Control and Keyboard Synthesizer technology.

Kustom - (Products)

Kydd Basses - (Products)

Kyser Musical Products - Kyser Musical Products (Products)
Makers of Kyser Capos and other high-quality musical accessories.

La Bella Strings - (Products)

Lag Guitars - Lâg Guitars (Products)
From their roots in southern France to the streets and stages of America, Lâg Guitars are inspiring a new breed of player.

Lakland Basses - Lakland Basses (Products)
Lakland offers incredible quality basses for your playing pleasure.

Landmine Pedals - (Products)

Landry Amps - Landry Amps (Products)
Hand-wired, all-tube amps.

Lanikai Ukuleles - Lanikai Ukuleles (Products)
From the beach and to the stage, Lanikai ukuleles will make you happy and put a smile on your face.

Lasido - (Products)

Latin Percussion (LP) - (Products)
Passion. It is the force which drives all human beings to achieve, to strive and to make their dreams come true. The story of Latin Percussion is the passion of one man. A passion which drove him to create, innovate and unmistakably change the face of percussion forever.

Lee Jackson - (Products)

Lehle - (Products)

Levys - (Products)

Lewitt Microphones - Lewitt - Microphones (Products)

Lexicon - (Products)

Lifetime Memory Products - Lifetime Memory Products (Products)
Memory that lasts a lifetime.

Limex - (Products)

Line 6 - Line 6 - Guitar Pedals, Effects, Amps and Instruments (Products)
Line 6 is a leading developer of professional quality guitar pedals, guitar effects, amps and instruments. Line 6 is known for their cutting edge developments in amp modeling and effects modeling technologies. Line 6 products are used by professional musicians around the world.

Little Walter - Little Walter Amps (Products)

Lizard Spit - Lizard Spit (Products)
America's Spit Shine

Lone Star - (Products)

Loud Button - (Products)

LR Baggs - LR Baggs (Products)
Relentless innovation in acoustic amplification.

Ludwig - (Products)

Luna Guitars - Luna Guitars (Products)
Luna's mission is to craft fine stringed instruments with artistic sensibility that are comfortable, affordable, and inspire people of all ages and walks of life on their musical journey.

Mackie - Mackie - Pro Audio (Products)
Mackie is a leading developer of premium quality equipment for live sound and studio applications.

Mad Professor - Mad Professor Guitar Effects Pedals (Products)
Mad Professor offers a range of high quality guitar pedals, effects and amps.

Magix - Magix Interactive Music and Video Software (Products)
Magix software and media content enable consumers to convert, edit, create and publish digital media like photos, music and video. Founded in 1993 in Munich, MAGIX is now present in many international markets and market leader in the US (NPD/GfK), Canada and Australia. MAGIX is one of the first companies to develop easy-to-use, interactive music and video software products for the consumer and is today a worldwide leader of this segment.

Mahaffay Amplifiers - (Products)

Mahalo - Mahalo Ukuleles (Products)
Ukes in a variety of styles. From traditional body shapes and sizes to ukes doing their best guitar impression. Mahalo makes a uke for everyone.

Majik Box - Majik Box (Products)
Hand built pedals from Torrance, California!

MakeMusic - (Products)

Mapex - (Products)

Marantz-Superscope - (Products)

Mariner Software - (Products)

Marinwood Guitars - Marinwood Guitars (Products)
These guitars are designed, inspected, and set-up locally. They have classic, traditional looks and improved features and tonal characteristics. With Marinwood Guitars, you get a longer tenon neck joint, brighter pickups with more depth, and center balanced weighting. All this and a one year warranty means an incredible value.

Marshall - Marshall Guitar Amps and Bass Amplifiers (Products)
Marshall has been creating professional quality guitar amps and bass amps since the 1960s. They produce a wide range of tube amps, solid state amps, and hybrid amps.

Martin - Martin Guitar Company - Premium Acoustic Guitars (Products)
For well over a century and a half, The Martin Guitar Company has been continuously producing acoustic instruments that are acknowledged to be the finest in the world.

Martinez Handmade Classical Guitars - Classical Guitars (Products)

Matchless - (Products)

MAudio - M-Audio MidiMan - MIDI Interfaces, MIDI Controllers, Preamps, Studio Monitors and Software (Products)
M-Audio (formerly Midiman) has been a leading provider of digital audio and MIDI solutions for electronic musicians and audio professionals since 1988. M-Audio offers a large line of high quality pro-audio products, at reasonable prices.

Maxon Guitar Effects - Maxon Guitar Effects and Accessories (Products)

Mbrace - Mbrace Music Instrument Accessories (Products)

McSwain Guitars - McSwain Guitars (Products)
It all began many years ago with a motor carving tool, some Exacto knives, artistic and musical aptitude passed along and nurtured by Mom and Dad McSwain, and a whole lot of patience and persistence.

Meinl - Meinl Cymbals and Percussion (Products)
Meinl offers a wide assortment of high quality percussion instruments for players all around the world regardless of age, playing skills, or economic background. A large variety of colors, a well thought out assortment and trend setting ideas is what MEINL percussion stands for.

Melda - (Products)

Melodyne - (Products)

Menatone - Menatone Effects Pedals (Products)
Making the finest handmade effects pedals since 1996.

Mesa Engineering - Mesa Engineering (Products)
You may also recognize the name Mesa/Boogie. Either way, our neighbors from Petaluma, CA bring us premium guitar and bass amplification. And NEW effects pedals!

Meyer Sound - Meyer Sound (Products)
Since its founding, Meyer Sound has been devoted to meeting the needs of sound reinforcement professionals with the finest products available, the industry’s most extensive and knowledgeable customer support, and high-level technical education.

MI Audio - MI Audio Guitar Effects and Guitar Pedals (Products)
MI Audio is a boutique guitar pedal manufacturer specializing in unique overdrive, distortion, fuzz and signal booster effects. MI Audio is located in Australia and has been in business since 2002.

Michael Kelly - Michael Kelly Guitar Co. (Products)
Michael Kelly Guitar Company produces a wide range great sounding acoustic and electric guitars and basses. Michael Kelly also produces high quality mandolins.

Midas - Midas Professional Audio Mixing Consoles (Products)
Midas has been designing and manufacturing live performance mixing consoles for the world’s most demanding sound engineers, performers and production rental companies since the early 1970s. The evolution of Midas consoles throughout the 30-year history of this classic marque has always paralleled, and often led, increasingly sophisticated audio innovations for the world-wide entertainment technology industry. Raising the standards of sonic quality through continual research and development has always been - and still remains - their overall aim.

Mid-East Music - Mid-East Music (Products)
Mid-East designs and creates handcrafted, historic, and ethnic instruments from rich cultures all around the world. Instruments such as the harp, sitar, bodhran, oud, doumbek, ukulele, and dulcimer are but a few of the instruments we make easily accessible to musicians and enthusiasts worldwide.

MidiMan - (Products)

Mighty Bright - Mighty Bright (Products)
Illuminate your life with Mighty Bright Lights!

Miktek Audio - Miktek Audio (Products)
At Miktek, they are dedicated to the pursuit of superior sound captured through microphones. Inspired by the iconic mics of their past, their engineering team has developed capsules and unique circuits to capture that elusive, classic sound.

Millennia Media - Millennia Media microphone preamp signal processing (Products)
Twin Topology, tube solid state hybrid, class A, professional, indestructible

Misa Digital Instruments - Misa Digital Instruments (Products)
Leading the next revolution in digital music.

Mission Engineering - Mission Engineering (Products)
Mission Engineering is the worlds only manufacturer of professional quality switching expression and volume pedals optimized for best performance with specific amplifiers, processors and effects.

MM - (Products)

Modulus - (Products)

Mogami - Mogami (Products)
Almost every recording you have ever heard has passed through Mogami cables in the signal chain.

Mojo Hand FX - Mojo Hand FX (Products)
Mojo Hand FX are handbuilt in the USA using nothing but the finest components available.

They’re built to withstand life on the road and sound great every time you step on them.

All pedals feature true bypass switching, rugged die-cast enclosures, professional powder coat finishes, standard 9 volt center negative dc jacks, and a 3 year warranty.

Mojogear - (Products)

Mono Cases - MONO Cases - High Quality Guitar, Bass, DJ, and Producer Cases (Products)
MONO was founded in 1996 by drummer and professional industrial designer, Daniel Kushner. MONO produces a wide range of innovative, high quality cases for guitars, basses, dj equipment and production equipment.

Monster - (Products)

Moog - Moog - Synthesizers, Effects and Guitars (Products)
Moog has been a world leader in synthesizers since the beginning. Their synths and effects have been used on countless albums from the 1970s to present. Moog now offers a wide range of analog synthesizers, effects and filters, and hi-tech guitars.

Morgan Hill - Morgan Hill (Products)

Morley Pedals - Morley Pedals (Products)
Morley® pedals are designed for musicians who want more than just the same old pedals built the same old way. When you are ready, we'll be here.

Morpheus EFX - (Products)

Morton Microphone Systems - Morton Microphone Systems (Products)
Morton Microphone Systems (MMS) is a creative organization offering a full line of dynamic microphones designed specifically to reproduce the unique tonal qualities inherent in a drum's resonant signature and then to deliver the cleanest possible signal to a PA system or recording medium.

Motion Sound - Motion Sound - Stereo and Rotary Amplifiers (Products)
Motion Sound is a leader in the field of rotary and stereo amplifiers. Great for studios and live performance. Add large field motion to your sound!

MOTU - MOTU (Products)
Mark Of The Unicorn

MOVEK LLC - (Products)

Muse Research - (Products)

Music Industries - (Products)

Music Link - (Products)

Music Man - (Products)

MusicLab - (Products)

MusicNomad - Music Nomad Equipment Care (Products)
Environmentally friendly instrument cleaning and care supplies.

MXL - (Products)

MXL Mogami - (Products)

NADY - (Products)

Naonext - Naonext (Products)
Naonext designs and develops innovative human-machine interfaces for digital arts.

Nashwood - Nashwood (Products)
Starting in his own shop, Nashwood has been producting quality mandolins starting in 1999.

Naskar's - (Products)

Native Instuments - Native Instruments (Products)
Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. The company's mission is to develop innovative, fully-integrated solutions for all musical styles and professions. The resulting products regularly push technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike.

Neal Schon Sale - (Products)

Neck Up - (Products)

Neo Instruments - Neo Instruments (Products)
Uncompromising instruments for discerning musicians – that’s the philosophy behind Neo Instruments.

Neumann - Neumann Microphones (Products)
The Neumann Microphone Company has been one of the innovating leaders in the pro-audio microphone field for over 75 years. Neumann Microphones offers a large selection of professional quality studio recording mics, broadcast mics, dynamic stage mics, and condensor mics. Neumann microphones are considered one of the premier manufacturers of pro audio mics.

Neunaber Audio Effects - Neunaber Audio Effects (Products)
Neunaber Audio Effects designs and manufactures effects pedals for the discerning musician.

New Vendor - (Products)

Neyrinck - Neyrinck (Products)
Neyrinck's range of surround sound and broadcast audio file software products are aimed at the audio professional working with DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby E, Dolby Pro Logic and surround sound mixing projects in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Media Composer and other applications.

Nobels - (Products)

Nomad Factory - Nomad Factory (Products)
Nomad Factory offers many different plug-ins for your virtual instruments.

NORD Clavia - (Products)

Notion Music - Notion Music (Products)

Novation - Novation (Products)
Novation design and make gear for you to play, create and perform music. They started out making high-end synths, and expanded into designing totally new music making tools.

n-Track - (Products)

NTS Audio Labs - (Products)

NUGEN Audio - (Products)

Numark - Numark Professional DJ Equipment - Turntables, Mixers, Effects and Digital Audio Interfaces (Products)
Numark is an industry leading developer of professional DJ products including DJ turntables, DJ mixers, effects, and innovative software and hardware interfaces for manipulating MP3s and digital audio on your computer or iPod.

Ocean Beach Digital - (Products)
DB-1 MIDI Drawbar Controller. If you would like to add real, sliding drawbars to your Nord keyboard or virtual tonewheel software,

Odyssey - (Products)

OHM Force - (Products)

Omnirax - Saulsalito Craftworks - (Products)

One Control - One Control (Products)
One Control strives to make products that allow musicians to create their own unique tones and efficiently access them live. One Control's main focus is guitar pedal switchers. One Control has a full line of switchers that range from a one-channel true bypass looper all the way to a 10 channel programmable switcher with MIDI capabilities. Whether you have a large complicated pedal board or just a few pedals One Control has products that can make using your effect pedals easier.

Onori - Onori Accessories (Products)

Onstage Stands - (Products)

Opcode - (Products)

Option 5 - (Products)

Orange Amplifiers - Orange Amplifiers (Products)
Founded by Cliff Cooper in 1968, Orange is always on the forefront of instrument amplification.

Ortofon - (Products)

Overtone Labs - Overtone Labs (Products)
Overtone Labs was founded with the goal of simplifying tuning and improving drum sound for drummers everywhere.

OWI - (Products)

Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP) - Pacific Drums and Precussion (Products)
Established in 2000, PDP allows you play high-quality drums at prices you can afford.

PageFlip - PageFlip (Products)
PageFlip was founded in New York in 2002 to develop, manufacture, and commercialize superior automatic page turning technology for the benefit of people with disabilities, musicians, and avid readers. Unlike other products on the market, our Bluetooth pedals and mechanical page turner are designed to offer bidirectional hands-free solutions that are reliable, portable, silent, and low-cost.

Paiste - Cymbals (Products)

Palatino Strings and Winds - Palatino Strings & Winds (Products)
Inspired by old world craftsmanship and the artistry of Italian design, Palatino takes its name from a central hill in Rome where ancient emperors built their palaces. It is from these origins that provide Palatino its passion for incredibly crafted and meticulously detailed musical instruments.

Palmer - Palmer (Products)

Panasonic - (Products)

Paracho Elite - Paracho Elite (Products)
Paracho Elite Guitars are made in the legendary mountain village of Paracho—high in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico.

Parker Guitars - Parker Guitars (Products)

Peace - (Products)

Pearl - Pearl Drums (Products)
Drum Sets, Percussion, Drum Hardware

Peavey - Peavey Guitar, Bass, Amps, Effects, and Professional Audio Equipment (Products)
Peavey is one of hte largest, most diversified producers of musical instruments and equipment in the world. Peavey offers a wide range of products, including: Guitars, Basses, Amplifiers, Effects Pedals, and Pro-Audio Equipment.

Pedal Pad - (Products)

Pedal Stop - Pedal Stop (Products)
The “Pedal Stop” is a unique keyboard accessory that keeps your electronic sustaining pedal in place during practice or performance.

Pedaltrain - Pedaltrain (Products)
Widely recognized as the industry standard in affordable pedalboard systems; combining innovative, patented designs and tour proven durability.

Pedalworx - (Products)

Peluso Microphone Lab - Peluso Microphone Lab (Products)
The Peluso line of custom vacuum tube condenser, solid-state condenser and ribbon microphones bring the very best in vintage sound to new life -- the sound renowned for clarity, detail and warmth.

Peterson - (Products)

PHI Electronics - (Products)

Phil Jones - Phil Jones - Pure Sound (Products)
Phil Jones wants to deliver the very best sounding and well-built products to everyone. You shouldn't have to be rich to enjoy Pure Sound.

Live Sound. Studio Sound. Home Sound. Worship Sound. Phil Jones Pure Sound.

PianoTeq - (Products)

Pigtronix - Pigtronix (Products)
Pigtronix pedals feature extensive sound shaping capabilities and multiple footswitches, enabling musicians to access a broad spectrum of analog tones during a live performance or in a recording environment. Each pedal contains a palette of effects that ranges from subtle to extreme. In addition to versatility and ingenuity you will find a consistent emphasis on tonal clarity and touch responsive performance across our entire product line.

Pintech Percussion - Pintech Percussion (Products)
Pintech Percussion is an American manufacturer of electronic percussion equipment. Drums, accessories and acoustic to electronic conversion kits.

Pioneer - (Products)

Planet Waves - (Products)

Platinum Samples - (Products)

Playground - (Products)

Polytone Amps - Polytone Amps (Products)
Over the last 40 years, Polytone has produced products with the musician in mind.

Porchboard - Porchboard (Products)

Porter and Davies - (Products)
Bass thumper, butt kicker, tacile monitor

Postal Monkey Guitar Cases - Postal Monkey Guitar Cases (Products)

Power-All - Power-All (Products)

PowerWerks - PowerWerks (Products)
When you're performing, speaking, and rehearsing, Powerwerks products keep you in control of your sound.We offer personal PA units, expandable PA systems, monitors, and speakers that let your voice be heard by audiences of any size.

Premier Percussion - Premier Percussion (Products)

Presonus - Presonus Pro Audio Music Equipment (Products)
PreSonus Audio Electronics has become known for delivering professional quality audio products at affordable prices to audio professionals, musicians and hobbyists around the world.

Primacoustic - Primacoustic (Products)
Primacoustic is a manufacturer of acoustic materials of all types. With over 30 years experience in studio and live sound, and 15 years in acoustics, they make some of the best sound proofing equipment around.

Private Sale - (Products)

Pro Co - Pro Co (Products)
Pro Co Sound is a Michigan-based Corporation founded by Charlie Wicks in 1974. Pro Co builds audio interface products as simple as guitar and microphone cables to complex 256-channel digital snakes, in-ear monitor controllers and facility distribution systems.

PROformance - PROformance (Products)

Prohands - Prohands (Products)
Prohands exercisers are the No. 1 selling hand exercisers in the world because only Prohands strengthens each finger individually.

ProjectSAM - ProjectSAM (Products)
In 2002, film composer Maarten Spruijt, songwriter Vincent Beijer and composer-arranger Marco Deegenaars teamed up to found sample library development company ProjectSAM.

ProMark - ProMark Drumsticks (Products)
From the forest to the mill to the factory to your hands, ProMark re-engineered their process from the ground up.

Propellerhead - (Products)

ProStageGear - ProStageGear (Products)

ProTone Pedals - ProTone Guitar Pedals and Effects (Products)
Pro Tone Pedals was founded in 2004 to provide hand built high quality guitar effects at a price point the average player could manage. In the three years following, the Dallas Texas based company has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in modern rock music. Pro Tone Pedals have been on tour with Camp Freddy, Flickerstick, Ministry, Prong, and Alice In Chains and in the recording studio with Velvet Revolver, Overkill, Mob Research, Circus Diablo, and Fear Factory.

PRS Paul Reed Smith - (Products)

Punch Pedals - (Products)

PureSound Percussion - PureSound Percussion (Products)
PureSound Snare Wires are specially designed and handcrafted to enhance the tone, articulation, sensitivity and projection of a full range of custom and production-line snare drums.

Q Lighting - Bil-lite (Products)

Q Up Arts - (Products)

QSC Audio - QSC Audio (Products)
Passionate About Sound

Quik Lok - Quik Lok (Products)
QUIK-LOK is a famous brand known worldwide, due to its reliability, creativity and innovative abilities in providing new solutions to meet musicians' problems. Specializing in stands and studio furniture.

Quilter - Quilter Guitar Amplifiers (Products)
New tools that will expand artistic possibilities, relieve performers of excess burdens, and exploit the latest mainstream technology to deliver higher quality and satisfaction at an affordable price.

Radial Engineering - Radial Engineering (Products)
Radial Engineering Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional audio products based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Quality construction, exceptional audio performance and superb customer service are the underpins that have served to make Radial one of the most respected and trusted brands in the industry.

Rane - Rane Corporation (Products)
Rane Corporation is an established innovator in providing problem-solving professional audio tools, affordably priced, with unequalled reliability.

Rapco - (Products)

RC Davis - RC Davis Precision Tube Amplifiers (Products)

Real McCoy Custom - (Products)

Re-Compose - (Products)

Recording King - Recording King (Products)
Originally a house brand in the 1930’s for Montgomery Ward, Recording King acoustic guitars and banjos were developed in a period known as the Golden Age of musical craftsmanship.

Red Sound Systems - (Products)

Red Witch - (Products)

Remo - (Products)

Reunion Blues - Reunion Blues Gig Bags (Products)
Every Reunion Blues product combines rugged construction, a precise fit, and convenient features. Their original designs are recognized and trusted around the world for their comfort, great looks, and thorough protection.

Reverend Guitars - Reverend Guitars (Products)
Reverend is the brainchild of Joe Naylor. Joe's decades of formal training and hands-on experience along with their small, highly skilled staff insures that Reverend delivers the goods.

RhythmTech - Rhythm Tech - Percussion Instruments and Drum Products (Products)
Rhythm Tech produces a wide range of percussion instruments. They offer many innovative percussion options for drummers, including several stick mounted percussion instruments like the Stickball.

Rio Grande Pickups - Rio Grande Pickups (Products)
Rio Grande Pickups are designed and manufactured in Houston, Texas.

Rivera Amplification - Rivera Amplification (Products)
In August of 1976, Paul Rivera founded Rivera R&D in Southern California to provide for musicians and the music industry leading-edge design, development, and manufacturing of products based on the philosophy that you, our client, are the center of our attention.

RME - RME - Intelligent Audio Solutions (Products)
RME is a young German team of developers with a robust vision of creating innovative, user friendly, and high-quality digital audio solutions for less money. Founded in 1996, RME quickly earned their stripes as a premiere industry provider, expanding rapidly into mainstream international markets.

Road Ready - (Products)

Robe - (Products)

Robert Keeley - (Products)

Roc N Soc - Roc N Soc (Products)
Originator and developer of “Seating for Musicians” with numerous industry firsts and advancements. Since 1990, Roc-n-Soc has offered a full line of musician seating with optional back-rest, colors, bases and seats. No other musician seating manufacturer has their depth and breadth of choices, quality standards and industry firsts.

Rock N Roll Relics - Rock N Roll Relics (Products)
Custom-built relic guitars.

Rock N' Roller - Rock N Roller (Products)

Rockbox Electronics - Rockbox Electronics (Products)
Creating new and unique tools for the professional guitarist is at the heart of Rockbox's mission. They are committed to creating the greatest sounds in rock using the best of vintage and modern technologies. They believe that success depends on the success of clients and friends. With that in mind, Rockbox is committed to creating guitars and guitar products with the highest quality, to provide musicians with professional tools that enhance their craft.

Rockin' Robbie - (Products)

Rockman - (Products)

Rocktron - (Products)

RocStor - (Products)

RODE - (Products)

Roger Linn Designs - Roger Linn Designs - Adrenalinn Effects Processor (Products)
For over 20 years, legendary sound-smith Roger Linn has been pushing forward musical instrument technology. From the invention of the world's first drum machine in 1979, to his latest Adrenalinn beat filtered effects processor, Roger Linn has shaped the tools that musicians use.

Roger Mayer - (Products)

Roland - Roland Musical Instruments and Music Equipment (Products)
Roland is a leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic drum kits, digital recording equipment, amplifiers and audio processing devices. With over 25 years of musical instrument development, Roland sets the standards in music technology for the world to follow.

Rolls - (Products)

Rotosound - Rotosound (Products)
World famous music strings.

Rowin Music - Rowin Music (Products)
Rowin Music Co. is a professional manufacturer of digital tuner, metronome, metro-tuner, effects and electronic drums.

Royer Labs - (Products)

RS Berkeley - RS Berkeley (Products)
RS Berkeley Inc. is a top musical instrument company that specializes in student, intermediate, and professional woodwind and brass instruments. Launched in August 2002 by two professional musicians in the music business since 1979, RS Berkeley has already made a positive and lasting impression with student and professional musicians nationwide.

Ruby Tubes - (Products)

Sabian - Sabian Cymbals (Products)
Sabian is all about designing and creating cymbals and sounds that are right for you.

Sabine - (Products)

Saga Musical Instruments - (Products)

Samson - Samson - Microphones, Amplifiers, Wireless Systems and Pro Audio (Products)
Samson offers a wide range of pro audio products including microphones, amplifiers, wireless instruments systems, wireless mics, monitor speakers and PA systems.

Schon Guitars - (Products)

Scratch Pad - Scratch Pad Guitar Protector (Products)

SE Electronics - (Products)

Seagull Guitars - Seagull Guitars (Products)
In 1982 Robert Godin produced the first Seagull guitars in the Village of LaPatrie, Quebec. The concept for the Seagull guitar was to take the essential components of the best hand-crafted guitars (such as solid tops and beautiful finishes) and build these features into guitars that could be priced within the reach of working musicians.

Secrets of the Pros - (Products)

Selmer - (Products)

Sennheiser - Sennheiser Microphones and Wireless Mic Systems (Products)
Sennheiser is a leading developer of professional quality microphones and wireless mic systems. Sennheiser offers a wide selection of vocal microphones, stage mics, wireless microphones and wireless audio for video solutions.

Serato - (Products)

Seymour Duncan - (Products)

Sfarzo Strings - Sfarzo Strings (Products)

Shaker Microphones - (Products)
There are 5 things between your lips & their ears...your harp, microphone, cord, amp & air. Make sure one's a SHAKER!

Shure - Shure Audio Electronics - Professional Microphones and Audio Technology (Products)
Since its beginning in 1925, Shure has established itself as a global leader in audio electronics. Shure offers a wide range of dynamic microphones, condensor microphones and wireless systems.

Sieler Design Products - VoiceAmp Voice Amp (Products)
Sona Revel personal powered portable PA tour system tourguide teacher

SKB Cases - SKB Cases (Products)
Instrument, rack and supply cases

Skullcandy - (Products)

SM Pro - SM Pro - Professional Audio (Products)
SM Pro Audio has established an enviable reputation as the designer, manufacturer, and distributor of innovative, solution-oriented audio products for the professional and project studio, live sound, and installed A/V markets. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with satellite operations in Telgte, Germany and Santa Barbara, California, and a world-wide distribution network of strategic partners, SM Pro Audio is dedicated to providing recording and performing professionals with a wide array of value-priced, technologically advanced products.

Smart People Factory (SPF) - Smart People Factory SPF (Products)
Boutique Unique Hand Made Guitar FX Pedals

Smith Sound - (Products)

Smithson Martin - (Products)

Smokey Amps - (Products)

Snark Tuners - Snark Tuners (Products)
High-quality affordable tuners.

Snarling Dog - (Products)

SolidGoldFX - SolidGoldFX Effects Pedal (Products)
Finally, the Custom Shop is there for some truly wild creations, whether you need a pedal rehoused, custom modifications, or an all out airbrushed monster!

Sonic Implants - (Products)

Sonic Reality - (Products)

Sonic Studio - (Products)

Sonivox - Sonivox (Products)
SONiVOX (from Sonic Network, Inc.) designs, develops and markets music software technologies, products and applications for desktop and mobile consumer devices.

Sonnox - (Products)

Sonuus Music Products - Sonuus Music Products (Products)
A new brand for the world of music.

Sony - (Products)

Soul Craft Drums - Soul Craft Drums (Products)
Soul Craft Drums offers a variety of styles of hand-crafted djembes and other drums to suit everyone from the young novice to the most discerning professional performer. Based in Fairfax, CA.

Souldier - Souldier (Products)
Souldier is an independent design manufacturer, fusing aesthetic textile creation with functionality. Souldier's unique merchandise is inspired by musicians and created for the connoisseur looking to express their inner spirit.

Sound Radix - (Products)

Sound Tech - (Products)

Soundcraft - Soundcraft Consoles (Products)
Soundcraft designs and manufactures professional audio mixing consoles for Live Sound, Theatre, Broadcast, Recording and Post Production applications.

Source Audio - Source Audio (Products)
Source Audio was founded in January 2005 by former engineers, scientists, and executives of Analog Devices, Kurzweil Music Systems, and Thomas H. Lee Partners.

Spector - (Products)

Spectraflex - Spectraflex - Original Braided Cables (Products)
Spectraflex Cables are the "Original Braided Cables" used by musicians the world over. The rugged, high quality nylon braiding that we take so much pride in, is there for a reason: It protects and enhances the performance of the cable's internal components, while preventing tangles and adding flexibility.

Squier by Fender - Squier® by Fender® - Guitars, Basses and Amplifiers (Products)
Fender acquired U.S. guitar string manufacturer the V.C. Squier Company in 1965. The Squier brand now consists of a wide range of guitar and bass products that are cost conscious alternatives to the official Fender product line.

Stage Rig - (Products)

Stagetrix - Stagetrix (Products)
Stagetrix are the creators of the innovative Pedal Riser and Pedal Fastener, making managing your pedals easy and efficient.

Stanton - (Products)

Stash - Stash picks (Products)
Unique frost multi edged guitar picks tin Wicked Pick Multiple Playing Surfaces

Steinberg - (Products)

Steve - (Products)

Stone Deaf FX - Stone Deaf FX (Products)
Stone Deaf FX and Amplification are an independent boutique effects pedal and Amplification manufacturer, based in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

Strymon - Strymon (Products)
Strymon is a small company whose goal is to push the limits of technology and redefine what is possible with music gear.

Studio Devil - (Products)

Studio Electronics - (Products)

Studio One - (Products)

Studio Projects - (Products)

Studiologic - (Products)

Sublime Guitar Company - Sublime Guitar Company (Products)
SGC's mission is to provide products that excite and inspire guitarists of all skill levels, while maintaining the highest standards of quality at every price point. They constantly strive to foster a sense of community among customers, endorsed artists, and dealers as they create a lasting legacy together.

SugarBytes - (Products)

Summit Audio - Summit Audio (Products)
High-end signal processors and mic preamps

Sunrise Pickup Systems - (Products)

Superlux Microphones - Superlux Microphones (Products)

Supro - Supro (Products)
The legendary brand of electric guitars and tube amplifiers.

Sweet Sound Electronics - Sweet Sound Pedals - Uni-Vibe Guitar Pedals (Products)
The triumphant return of sweet sound pedals! Providing modern and vintage uni-vibe sounds that are unmatched.

SWR - (Products)

Synchro Arts - (Products)

Tacoma Guitars - (Products)

Takamine - Takamine Guitars (Products)
Takamine has over 40 years of history dedicated to innovation and improvement to the art and craft of guitarmaking. They offer a wide range of entry level and professioal guitars.

TAMA - Tama Drums, Drum Kits, Drum Hardware and Accessories (Products)
Tama has been producing high quality drums since the 1960s, and now offers a wide variety of acoustic drum kits, drum sets, drum hardware and drum accessories. Tama drums are used by many professional drummers around the world.

Tanglewood Guitars - Tanglewood Guitars (Products)
For over 20 years, Tanglewood Guitars has built its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality acoustic instruments that reflect a perfect blend of time-honored design philosophies and modern manufacturing innovations. As the UK's #1 acoustic guitar brand, they offer a thorough selection of UK-designed instruments for players of all levels, employing some of the finest tonewoods available.

Tascam - Tascam Digital Recording Workstations and Pro Audio Recording Accessories (Products)
Tascam has been producing professional quality audio recording workstations since the 1970s. Tascam is a leading innovator in analog and digital multi-track recording solutions, mixers, digital audio tape (DAT) manufacturing and portable CD based recording studios.

Taurus Amplification - Taurus Amplification (Products)
Specializing in professional bass and guitar amplification, all Taurus products are hand-crafted in Poland.

Taye Drums - Taye Drums (Products)
Taye Drums was founded in 1975 with the sole purpose of crafting instruments that are an extension of your art and originality. Beginning as a company that supplied superior quality hardware and drums to many of the world's most famous brands, after several years it became evident that it was necessary to offer Taye innovations and design ideas to all drummers seeking practical solutions to seemingly complex issues that interfere with the ability to create and perform.

Complete attention to detail and playability is incorporated into every Taye drumset, from student level to ultra-professional. What's more, unlike many other instruments, every component is entirely made by Taye. This gives you the assurance of incomparable quality control and serviceability of every instrument and accessory

Taylor - Taylor Guitars - Premium Acoustic and Acoustic Electric Guitars (Products)
Taylor Guitar Company has been creating premium quality acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars since the late 1970s. Bananas at Large is proud to be an Authorized Taylor Guitars Online Dealer.

TC Electronic - T.C. Electronic and T.C. Helicon - Ultimate Sound Machines (Products)
Since 1976 T.C. Electronic has been manufacturing first class audio products for audio professionals and musicians. T.C. Electronic pushes the envelope of research and development for musical instruments and equipment.

Tech 21 - (Products)

Technics - Technics DJ Equipment - Direct Drive Turntables, Scratchable Digital Turntables and DJ Equipment (Products)
For over 40 years, Technics has been a leader in the DJ Equipment field. Technics first introduced the direct drive turntable in 1970, and has been pushing D.J. Turntable technology ever since. The name Technics has become synonomous with Professional D.J. Turntables.

Tek-It Audio - (Products)

Telefunken Elektroakustik - Telefunken Elektroakustik (Products)
TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik strives for absolute perfection. By offering historic recreations of classic microphones alongside their own proprietary designs based around the distinctive tube mic sound, they have established a product line that perfectly blends vintage style and sound with the reliability of a modern-day microphone.

Telex Communications - Telex - wireless, professional audio, (Products)
Professional audio products and interfaces wireless

THD Electronics - (Products)

The Loar - The Loar (Products)
The Loar pays homage to instruments from the 1920’s and 30’s, an age of outstanding craftsmanship and innovative design. We revive this tradition in order to bring you some of the best-sounding, most beautifully crafted instruments available today.

The Rock Slide - The Rock Slide (Products)
The Perfect Slide.

The Wishbone Workshop - The Wishbone Workshop (Products)
The first in boutique mic placement systems.

TheGigEasy - TheGigEasy - Complete Music Solutions (Products)
TheGigEasy® is transforming the way musicians work and play by providing complete music solutions for the Apple iPad. They design and manufacture professional software and mounting products and are a Colorado-based company created by musicians for musicians in order to help simplify the transition to tablet computers. Their high-quality products are manufactured in the USA and their expert advice is custom designed with your needs in mind in order to bring music and technology together.

Thinkware - (Products)

TKO Percussion - (Products)

Toadworks - (Products)

Toca - Toca Percussion (Products)
Toca was designed and developed to have a different look and provide the "Afro-Cuban" sound. These instruments made Toca unique from brands thus giving players and percussionists an alternative choice when looking for hand percussion instruments. All Toca wood drums have two-ply stave shells for added durability and are finished in many vibrant color options. Toca Percussion also offers players and drum enthusiasts a wide variety of percussion instruments and accessories that are designed and tested by players.

Toft Audio Designs - Toft Audio Design (Products)
Toft Audio Designs may be a new company to the professional audio industry, but the people behind it are seasoned veterans. Toft Audio Designs is dedicated to providing high quality, well engineered professional audio products at a very competitive price.

Tone In Progress - (Products)

ToneCandy - Tone Candy Guitar Pedals and Effects (Products)
Tone Candy develops custom made, hand crafted guitar pedals, using top quality metal switches, jacks, cases and electronic components.

ToneRite - (Products)

Tornavoz Music Company - Tornavoz Music Company (Products)
Over the last 20 years, Tornavoz has become the leading distributor of nylon string guitars in the United States by consistently offering the finest instruments and accessories. Tornavoz Music is the single wholesale resource where retailers can fulfill all of their nylon-string guitar product needs.

Trace Elliot - Trace Elliot (Products)
Trace Elliot established operation in the U.K. during the 1970s as a specialty bass amplifier manufacturer and later expanded to acoustic guitar amplification. Musicians and retailers throughout the world laud Trace Elliot's unique circuitry and unmistakable performance, and professional bassists such as John Entwistle of The Who, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Bill Wyman and Doug Wimbish are among the many artists who have endorsed Trace Elliot products during its history.

TransTabla - TransTabla (Products)
Innovative ideas for the Tabla and Tabla accessories.

Traveler Guitar - (Products)

Tree Works - TreeWorks Percussion Instruments (Products)
TreeWorks was founded in 1996 to provide musicians with high quality, professional sounding musical chimes, triangles, and cymbal trees. They offer a wide range of chimes with different tunings, depending on your percussion needs.

T-Rex - T-Rex Guitar Effects Pedals and Bass Pedals (Products)
T-Rex Engineering was founded in 1996 in Denmark. They produce a wide range of high quality guitar and bass effects that are innovative and easy to use.

Tronical - Tronical (Products)
Tronical is the market leader as well as technological pioneer in the range of self-tuning systems for musical instruments.

TWA Totally Wycked Audio - TWA Totally Wycked Audio (Products)
Hand-built effects and compact pedals.

Two-Rock Amplification - Two-Rock Amplification (Products)
The boutique amplifier performance leader.

Tycoon Percussion - Tycoon Percussion (Products)
Tycoon Percussion’s commitment is to combine sound authenticity with innovative designs in all of their products.

Ultimate Support - Ultimate Support Music Stands and Furniture (Products)
Ultimate Support Systems has been making high quality music stands since the early 1980s. They offer a full line of guitar stands, keyboard stands, microphone stands, PA Speaker stands and amplifier stands.

Ultrasone - (Products)

Union Jack Amplification - Union Jack Amplification (Products)
Union Jack Amps are hand-crafted in the USA using top quality components, time tested circuitry and meticulous construction methods. Their commitment is to provide the best quality amplifiers on the market at a price working musicians can afford. No gimmicks or useless features that sacrifice tone and reliability. Just proven circuits, built to last.

Universal Audio - Universal Audio (Products)
Universal Audio’s name is synonymous with heritage and quality. Founded in the 1950’s by Bill Putnam Sr., Universal Audio was a natural extension of his unparalleled success as a recording engineer, studio designer, and inventor.

URS Unique Recording Software - URS (Products)
Founded in 2003, URS has quickly become a leading Digidesign Third Party developer of high quality digital equalizers, compressors and classic console strips that digitally recreate the sound of analog hardware for the entire Pro Tools platform and all other popular native host platorms.

VanAmps, LLC - (Products)

Vertex Effects - Vertex Effects (Products)
Vertex handcrafts highly customized effects pedals and outboard devices for the finest musicians in the world.

Vestax - (Products)

VFE Effects Pedals - VFE Effects Pedals (Products)
VFE pedals are hand-built in Puyallup, WA. The circuit board design & layout are all done by Peter Rutter, and every board is populated and soldered in-house.

VHT Amplification - (Products)

Vic Firth - Vic Firth (Products)

Victoria Amplifier - Victoria Amplifier (Products)
Victoria Amplifier is recognized for having succeeded in recapturing the classic sound, design, and American craftsmanship embodied in the tweed line, while offering players a wide range of subtle and sometimes whimsical variations on a theme.

Violet Design - (Products)

Visual Sound - Visual Sound (Products)
With a host of amazing session players and touring musicians in Nashville, Los Angeles, New York, and around the world, Bob Weil and Visual Sound are synonymous with helping create the great sounds flooding the airwaves of today's most innovative music.

Vocaloid - (Products)

VocoPro - VocoPro (Products)
VocoPro is a California-based professional audio company that was founded in 1991. For over two decades now, the VocoPro name has been synonymous with professional karaoke systems, and still holds the number one spot for high-end professional karaoke products.

Voodoo Lab - Voodoo Lab (Products)

Vox - Vox Amplifiers and Effects Pedals (Products)
For over 40 years, Vox has been an innovator of music technology. From the Rolling Stones and Beatles to current day, Vox has had an effect on popular music.

Voyage Air - Voyage-Air Guitar (Products)
The revolutionary Voyage-Air guitar is a full-size performance-quality acoustic guitar that literally folds in half and fits into a custom backpack-style carrying case. Designed by world-renowned luthier Harvey Leach, the new Voyage-Air is made of the finest, carefully selected all solid premium tonewoods.

Wade Egan Gear - Wade (Products)
Here you'll find the latest designs by Wade Egan, All of the designs are hand made in Southern California and feature a unique, quality driven approach to each concept.

Walker Labs - (Products)

Wampler Effects - Wampler Effects (Products)
Wampler is a small company that specializes in modifying guitar effects, preamps, common "PCB-based" amplifiers and building custom effects. They use only the best components available, and offer a 1-year parts and labor warranty from the time of purchase.

Warwick - (Products)

Washburn - Washburn (Products)
Guitars, basses, mandolins and banjos manufactured in Chicago since 1883.

Wattson Classic Electronics - Wattson Classic Electronics (Products)
Wattson Classic Electronics focuses only on modern reproductions of classic effects pedals. You've probably seen some vintage classic pedals for sale online. The prices they command reflect their rarity, as well as how much they are cherished by guitar players. Not every player is fortunate enough to be able to find one of these vintage classics, and even fewer can afford the astronomical prices. Our goal is to make the tone of these vintage pedals available to guitar players at prices they can afford.

Wave Arts - (Products)

Wave DNA - (Products)

Way Huge Electronics - (Products)

Wedgie - (Products)

West Coast Pedal Board - West Coast Pedal Boards (Products)
Hand built in Northern California, West Coast offer's many styles of boards, cases and pedalboard accessories. Offering industry leading exclusive features, the West Coast Custom Shop can match the finish of your guitar and/or amplifier. 250 Different customizable features allows you to create the rig that's right for you.

Westone - Westone (Products)
Want to raise the bar on your audio experience virtually overnight? It's simple. Just rise above the noise. From Westone's professional in-ear musician's monitors to their personal listening earphones, they are designed with one goal in mind, to help you hear more accurately.

Wharfdale - (Products)

Whirlwind - Whirlwind (Products)

Wittner - Wittner (Products)
In 1895, Gustav Wittner founded a precision mechanical factory for the production of Metronomes, which his son Rudolf Wittner expanded one by one to a medium-sized industrial plant.

Besides Metronomes, Wittner manufactures other Musical Accessories, as well as articles for storage and maintenance of Sound - and Data mediums.

Wren And Cuff - Wren And Cuff Effects Pedals (Products)
Wren and Cuff is a small effects company based in Westlake Village, CA.

Wunder Audio - Wunder Audio (Products)

X2 Digital Wireless Systems - X2 Digital Wireless Systems - Rackmount Insrument and Microphone Wireless Systems (Products)
X2 designs and manufactures digital wireless instrument and microphone systems for musical and professional audio applications featuring our proprietary TruDigital format for the sound and feel of a direct wire connection. They offer a series of rackmount wireless systems for guitar and bass, vocal mics, lavalier mics, and headworn systems.

Xfer Records - (Products)

XILS Labs - (Products)

Xotic Effects - Xotic Effects (Products)
Effects pedals designed and built in Los Angeles, California.

Yamaha - Yamaha Musical Instruments - Pianos, Drums, Guitars & Live Sound Equipment (Products)
Yamaha has been creating musical instruments since the late 1800s. Yamaha offers a wide range of professional music equipment products including pianos, digital keyboards, drums, guitars, basses, live sound equipment and music recording workstations.

Yellow Matter Entertainment - Yellow Matter Entertainment, LCC (Products)
YELLOW MATTER ENTERTAINMENT LLC is a media company with divisions in music, pro audio, internet, tv, film, and marketing.

YouRockGuitar - YouRockGuitar (Products)
Inspired Instruments is dedicated to providing customers with truly innovative products, to bringing real music to the gaming community, and to inspiring a new generation of music makers to create, learn, and share.

Zaolla - (Products)

ZapZorn - (Products)

Zemaitis - (Products)

Zero-G - (Products)

Zeta - Owens - (Products)

Zildjian Cymbals - Zildjian Cymbals (Products)

Zinky Amps - (Products)

Zoom - Zoom - Guitar Pedals, Effects, Amplifiers and Audio Recorders (Products)
Zoom offers a wide range of guitar pedals, guitar effects, amplifiers, drum machines and multi-track audio recording devices.

ZPlane - (Products)

ZT Amplifiers - ZT Amplifiers (Products)
ZT Amplifiers, Inc. was formed late in 2007 by a team of highly experienced audio industry professionals. Their first products are small guitar amps that reset the bar for the quality and quantity of sound that can come from a portable package. Tiny and easily carried, a ZT amp is equally comfortable pulling off a live show on its own, or drawing applause from a fussy studio engineer.

ZVex - Z-Vex - ZVex Guitar Effects and ZVex Amps (Products)
Z-Vex makes a wide variety of hand-built custom guitar effects and amplifiers. Z-Vex is known for its high quality, unique guitar effects. Z-Vex guitar effects are used by many famous rock guitarists, including Matthew Bellamy of MUSE and John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chile Peppers.

Zynaptiq - (Products)

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